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Goodwill International Co. is a company founded in 1976 by Mr. S.V. Selvaraj. The unit manufactures and exports guitar fretboards, guitar backs and sides, bridges, headstock veneers, and other products such as knife handles and parquet floors from exotic hardwoods such as East Indian rosewood, Indian ebony, and other woods.

We have been trading in wooden parts for musical instruments for decades. Through our many years of experience, we have earned our company an excellent reputation and are recognized by our international buyers. Today we can handle precise specifications of our customers' requirements and guarantee the best price, good quality and on-time delivery.

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No. 10/19, Club Road, Chetpet, Madras - India 

Dilip Selvaraaj /

round log, wooden part for building musical instruments, turning squares, Knife handle blocks and scales, wooden parquets for flooring, furniture parts.

East Indian Rosewood, Red Sanders, Indian Ebony, Padouk, Ceylon Satinwood and Indian Laurel.

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